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BoomerTrillion Seminar

BoomerTrillion Overview

How to Explain BoomerTrillion to Your Leadership & Board

BoomerTrillion Marketing Seminar

Learn how to market major and planned gifts and capture your share of the BoomerTrillion! The Boomer generation will own and transfer most of the $88 trillion in U.S. household net worth. Over $1 trillion is potentially available for nonprofits that offer blended gifts and bequest campaigns.

Multichannel marketing is the best way to optimize your marketing and close more gifts. This seminar will help you develop an effective multichannel marketing strategy to share in the boomer wealth transfer.

An effective multichannel marketing plan is smart and strategic. Discover the secrets of messaging, branding and segmentation for planned gifts lead generation. This seminar covers marketing best practices for websites, enewsletters and eblasts, literature, social media, video and more. Learn how to dramatically increase your response rates and close gifts by coordinating your marketing channels to maximize efficiency and produce results.

Price: $250

Course Outline

  • Multichannel Marketing / Website Donors
  • CresManager Overview
  • Websites / Mobile Websites
  • eNewsletters and eBlasts
  • BoomerTrillion Campaigns
  • Legacy / Heritage Societies
  • CresPrint for Blended Gifts and Bequest Campaigns
  • Literature / Social Media
  • Analytics to Find Your Best Donor Prospects
  • My Plan / GiftCharity / Software / CresMobile
  • GiftCollege / Network Marketing
  • Marketing Success



BoomerTrillion Overview

How to Explain BoomerTrillion to Your Leadership & Board


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